Person of the Week: Oct. 19th

06.11.12 Person of the week

Great job Felix, but it's not you!

Person of the Week: Oct. 19th

Without a doubt, Felix Baumgartner's 39,000m jump from the stratosphere was definitely the event of the week. Hats off to Felix. Hats off, as well, to the team of scientists, technicians and trainers that helped him achieve such a feat. And we also would like to commend the marketing team behind this fantastic idea and the way they pulled it off. We salute you all.

But on top of all of that, our Person of the Week is Dietrich Mateschitz. This great adventurer, leader and visionary has surpassed himself by listening, believing, daring, risking and financing the Red Bull Stratos endeavour.

He is the one who most believes in the DNA of his brand and has literally taken it to the doorway to space. Thanks to mavericks like Dietrich, great companies exist and powerful brands thrive.

Congratulations Dietrich! May you continue to dream and dare to challenge all limitations.

Who will up the ante?

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